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nordic art rug

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nordic art rug

In nordic art rug we design and make art for the floor.

our art-rugs combines danish design and world class craftmanship.

Artists and designers behind Nordic Art Rug are: Helge Nordstrøm  and  Christella  Bamford  Christensen.

We present  both individual designed - as well as costume pieces -for your personal space.

The storie started when Christella went to India with June Hilton, to work on a big commission for a church ;- a big handmade carpet for Frederiksværk kirke - in Denmark.

The personal and professional relationship with the indian family who runs the rug production, developed into a mutual interest in developing new ground braking art for floor spaces.

All rugs are handmade in India - in small workshops, under good working conditions.
The yarns are natural shades or dyed in environmentally friendly color baths, 
and all art-rugs are produced/ manufactured  without child labor- controlled by International organizations.

The tufted rugs are all unic, numbered pieces of art.

We make a maximum of 8 pieces from each design, and every one of these in unic colors.

meaning that each rug is one of a kind -and all rugs are numbered.

The broadloom rugs are made with designs rooted in the historie of mankind; Ancient, prehistorical and native graphics is the source of these carved rugs.

-These rugs are made in series with out numbering.

We are grateful and proud of what is under constant development- in all lines in our co-production

-And with a rug from Nordic Art Rug we believe you will alter and enjoy your floor space for many years.


-When the rug is new, it will produce shed for a period of time - this is natural.

-To use a non-slip rug, for stability and to protect both floors and rug.

-To turn the rug around twice a year, to avoid uneaven wear.

-To have the rug cleaned by a professional and never cleaned with chemicals!!!